How to answer what are your strengths in a job interview?Today, we are dealing with another critical issue of job interview: what are your strengths? This is a common question in job interviews for all levels of positions in all sectors. Even when that question is not made, you should be able to answer it to get the job. After all, from the standpoint of the employer, the main point of a job interview is to understand what you could do for the Organization and why she should hire you instead of someone else. You should be prepared to talk about your strengths. Many candidates dont do that well, then there is an opportunity for you to stand o....View more
How to lose weight in a healthy wayWe all know that people who are carrying a lot of extra weight increases the risk of many diseases, including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, osteoarthritis and cancer. But almost everyone can improve your overall health, making sure that your diet is balanced and getting enough exercise. But how do you know if you need to lose weight?What is the body mass index?Because people naturally come in different shapes and sizes, there is a range of weight that is believed to be healthy. The body mass index (BMI) is calculated by dividing the weight in kilograms by your your height in meters, squared.....View more
Facial filler: first time!Facial filling for the first time can be a little tight-especially if you are unsure of what to expect. You can make your first experiment is positive if you get prepared for your query. Below are the top 10 things you should remember when you prepare for your first appointment of dermal filler. 1. look for a certified professional to achieve seupreenchimento Check the training and professional credentials before making the application. If you are unable to locate somewhere, dont hesitate to ask your aesthetician, nurse or doctor for a copy of their credentials. 2. There are se....View more
How to choose the best hair color for your faceFind the right hair color to match the different features of your face can be difficult. The right hair color will shine to your skin and your eyes will highlight. This information will help you choose that perfect color minimizing attempts and error. Your natural hair color When choosing a new hair color, it is important to think in the natural color of your hair. The best hair color just a shade or two lighter or darker than your natural hair color. This will make it easier to maintain and less obvious roots. You just want to color your hair once every six weeks so that it has....View more
Basic and essential care in beauty routineImagine if you could sleep through the night and wake up the next morning with a skin more beautiful and fresh. Well, as it turns out, can be a dream come true-but with a little help called "night beauty routine". We have all heard about how sleep is important to the overall functioning of our body. A total of 8 hours of sleep is what is needed to keep the body fit, happy and healthy. It turns out that the formula of 8 hours sleep have a similar effect on the skin. So, as we accommodate ourselves to sleep, the skin is waking up to a busy night damage repair, renewal/regeneration of ....View more
The best red lipstick for your skin toneThe red lipstick is like the little black dress or the perfect Pearl necklace, bringing sophistication or malaise to a visual. Is definitely one of the most sexy, if not the most sexy shade of lipstick. The psychology of red lips The red lipstick is known for making a woman feel more confident. According to the psychology of colors, the color red is a warm color and positive. Its an energizing color, giving confidence, especially for those who are shy or need a boost of boldness. Also stimulates the intimacy and passion. It is a color of sexuality, desire and lust (which explain....View more
Why physical activity is as important to health and well-being?We know that staying active is one of the best ways to keep our body healthy. But did you know that it can also improve your general well-being and your quality of life? Here are some of the ways in which physical activity can help you feel better, look better and live better. Is a natural mood lifter Regular physical activity can relieve stress, anxiety, depression and anger. You know that "feel good feeling" after doing something physical? Think of it as your daily dose of happiness. Most people realize that you feel better with time as physical activity becomes regular part o....View more
8 foods you should never eat if you are feeling anxiousSome foods can make you feel worse and just increase your level of anxiety if you turn to them in times of crisis. Here are the 10 foods that you definitely need to avoid when you feel anxiety rising in the back of your mind. Prevent yourself from eating them and you will be well underway to feel relaxed. 1.Coffee and caffeinated drinks You might think that the coffee and other caffeinated drinks will get you focused so you can overcome the stress. In spite of increasing energy, caffeine inhibits serotonin, which can leave him depressed and angry. It will also keep you awake, lea....View more
Homemade tips to leave your perfect nails Social networks there are various methods explaining how it is possible to leave your perfect nails, however, are some that can be made at home. The vast majority has several varying models, colors and details from some who use designs, glows and other miscellaneous. Check out below some of the tips on how to make your perfect nails: 1 - Remove your cuticles To do so, soak them with water and oil of almonds in a bowl so they soften. Then, with a cuticle remover, gently push the base of the nail and carefully cut (Cutter can be retrieved from any type of pharmacy). 2 ....View more
Mans Guide to Facial rejuvenationStatistically speaking, women are responsible for the majority of the plastic surgery procedures done each year, but the number of men turning to care with the appearance has been increasing every day.Over time, the effects of exposure to the Sun and life habits cause the skin to become less toned, pores appear more visible and the fine lines deepen. Pigmentation and cell renewal slowed can also leave aged skin and dull.Competitive labour markets and an emphasis on health and physical fitness are bringing more men to seek cosmetic procedures such as facial rejuvenation. Follow!Mens facial Anat....View more
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